PAAC Classes

PAAC- PAAC Classes: New state asst archeologist Sarah Allaun has resurrected PAAC, The Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification. (PAAC) is a statewide certification program designed to build a community of individuals trained to help record, preserve, and serve as responsible stewards of and advocates for cultural resources in Colorado. PAAC participants have the opportunity to gain experience in many facets of archaeology. The program facilitates the contributions of its participants to research, public service and outreach, preservation and management, and stewardship of the archaeological record of Colorado. PAAC complements but does not replace existing university and governmental training programs. 

Please see the Midden (on this web site) for more information about PAAC Classes.


Oct 28 - Site Stewardship Workshop, Weekend Workshop, 2 credit hours


Nov 18 - State & National Register Nomination Workshop, Weekend Workshop, 2 credit hours